Emergency Relief Program, Homelessness & Housing

Our Emergency Relief Program Keeps People Housed

by Catholic Charities – October 19, 2021

Meet Darren:

Just before the pandemic hit, Darren completed his Master’s Degree and started a job as a consultant. COVID swiftly wiped away the work opportunity he so looked forward to and he was left unable to pay his rent. Luckily, Darren got in touch with the Catholic Charities Emergency Relief Program in the Tenderloin. The team connected him to resources that helped him recover the months of back rent he owed and also secured three months in advance.

Darren, who immigrated to the U.S. from Trinidad by himself, had no family or friends to lean on for support when things got hard. “Catholic Charities was my support network that I didn’t have anywhere else,” he says. “They were encouraging throughout the entire application process. Catholic Charities was a lifeline.”

Now, Darren is once again focused on his career without the worry of losing his home.