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A Gathering to Remember

by Catholic Charities – October 22, 2021

Picture: Paula Pardini (founder, director & president of the Caritas Creek Board), Jilma Meneses, (Catholic Charities CEO), Inna Sagan (educator and CYO Camp supporter), Cindy Cleary Janike (CYO Camp alumna and supporter), and Louis Reynaud, (Catholic Charities Board member and longtime champion of CYO Camp), revel in each other’s company and the sunshine at Catholic Charities CYO Camp’s 75th-anniversary!

The Redwoods brimmed with the excitement of 300 alumni, golfers, volunteers, and supporters of Catholic Charities CYO Camp as the program celebrated its 75th-anniversary last weekend. From affiliates of CYO Camp & Retreat, CYO Outdoor Education, and Caritas Creek, the CYO Camp community gathered for an unforgettable commemoration of the history, people, and vibrancy that makes the program originally called Our Lady of the Redwoods, so special and beloved.

Community: it’s what keeps 1,200 alumni coming back year after year to support Camp. For 75 years, CYO Camp has been a place for growth, respite, fun, and education in a supportive and inspiring setting. Campers receive invaluable science education through hands-on experience, but at the heart of the program is a deep care for the emotional well-being of its campers. Here is where generations of thoughtful, compassionate leaders learn the importance of connecting with themselves, with one another, and with the world around them.

“We worked to honor the different generations of camp,” says Rick Garcia, Director of Catholic Charities CYO Camp. “Not only was the celebration a beautiful opportunity for our alumni to re-engage with the spirit of camp, but it provided a retreat from the world out there.” Great gratitude to the amazing alumni who volunteered to help organize this beautiful and inspiring celebration.

Here’s to the extraordinary commitment of Catholic Charities CYO Camp staff for three-quarters of a century fostering joy and leadership – and 75 more years of growth, respite, friendship, and memories!