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Disaster Readiness

Disaster Readiness

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We’ve seen that it takes a community to recover from a natural disaster. That’s why we’re proud to support community-led efforts to prepare for one.

Whether you’re looking to take action for your household, inspire others, or serve your community, we will help you in achieving your disaster-readiness goals.

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Start Here: Your Preparedness Playbook

Emergency Alerts

1. Act

Subscribe to alerts where you live, work, and/or go to school. Download the MyShake Early Warning App. Know your local emergency radio stations.

2. Inspire

Receive an alert? Share the information with your network and tell them how to sign up.

3. Serve

Assist seniors and individuals with limited English proficiency with subscribing.

Need Help?

We offer tutorials for signing up for alerts, information on emergency radio stations, and tips to avoid scams during disasters.

Evacuation Plans

1. Act

Decide on your emergency contacts, safe meeting locations, and evacuation route with your family. Have a Go-Bag for each member of your household, including pets!

2. Inspire

Offer to be the out-of-town contact for family that lives out-of-state and ask them to be yours.

3. Serve

Help individuals with mobility concerns during an evacuation.

Need Help?

Our workshops cover communication and evacuation plans along with how to create a Go-Bag. We offer specific resources for individuals with mobility issues or limited-English proficiency.

Disaster Supplies

1. Act

Prepare a Stay-Box to last at least 3 days with no water or electricity. Check your supplies twice per year and swap out items near expiration.

2. Inspire

Share photos of your Stay-Box on social media with #StayReadySF. You may even win a prize!

3. Serve

Recruit your club, parish, or class to equip a family in need with a fully-stocked Stay Box.

Need Help?

Our workshops cover the essentials for a Stay Box. We’ll also assist you with facilitating a Stay Box donation drive and the logistics of delivering it to a family that’s recently been housed in the Bay Area.

Schedule a Disaster Ready Workshop

Our workshops are fun, engaging, and FREE! You will learn the essentials of household preparedness, with information and resources specific to your local area. We will design the program to meet the needs of your audience. In the past, we’ve delivered content specific to:

□ Older Adults                                                             □ Middle School Students

□ Individuals with Chronic Health Conditions       □ Cantonese Speakers

□ Individuals with Mobility Concerns                      □ Spanish Speakers

To schedule a workshop, please contact cremington@catholiccharitiessf.org

Complete a Self-Paced Training

For an overview of the five steps of disaster preparedness that every household should know, we’ve created an online training course, available in both English and Spanish. To access the course, follow these steps:

To access the FREE course:

1.Copy invite code: CGIU7D3JTO6

2.Access the course on EdApp here.

3.Click “Register Here” (see photo) and paste invite code.

4.Set a password and start the course!

This online course offers only a taste of what we cover in our live workshops, so if you want more, please email cremington@catholiccharitiessf.org to schedule one!

View our High School Lesson Plans

In researching our workshops, we’ve collected tons of primary source material on disasters in the Bay Area. We realized that we had stumbled into source material for great social studies lessons, with the added benefit that the connection of the history to the present-day is accomplished through thinking about disaster preparedness.

These lessons are designed for a single-class period, aligned to California Social Studies standards, and FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers. They involve a quick Do-Now followed by an independent-study activity that can be accomplished individually or in-groups, or even to be assigned as a homework project. The lessons were designed by a former high-school teacher, and include the Do-Now, a worksheet for students, a teacher guide and lesson plan, and all primary source materials.

We currently have three lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers:

  • The 1906 Earthquake and the Planned Relocation of Chinatown (11th Grade, Standard 4.1)
  • Disaster Survivors: Great Depression vs. Today (11th Grade, Standard 6.3)
  • The 1906 Earthquake and Paper Sons (12th Grade, Standard 2.6)

View the FREE lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers here.

Coordinate a Stay Box Donation Drive

We have a great service opportunity for you to promote disaster-readiness and give back to your community: a Household Emergency Supplies Donation Drive. Here’s how it works:

1.We’ll provide you with a list of the essentials for a Stay Box. Heads-up: if you don’t have a Stay Box for your own household, now is a great chance to assemble one!

2.Your parishioners will sign up to purchase items for a Stay Box to donate to a family in need. The cost of each item/set of items will be between $10 and $20. 

3.We’ll deliver the Stay Box to a recently-housed family through our SF HOME program. What’s better than disaster preparedness as a housewarming gift!

We’ll provide your organization with a flyer, sign-up sheet, and educational materials. If you would like to request a disaster-ready workshop for your parish, we can deliver that as well!

To sign up your organization for this project, please contact cremington@catholiccharitiessf.org.

See Our Upcoming Events

June 12, 6:30 PM: Disaster-Ready Workshop at St. Francis’ Episcopal Church

In partnership with the Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco, we’ll offer a workshop on disaster-readiness, including information for individuals with disabilities. Register here.

July 12, 9AM to 12PM: Emergency Preparedness Panel for Seniors

In partnership with the City of Redwood City, we’re hosting panel discussions on what individuals should know about preparation for every stage of a disaster. Hear from experts from Redwood City Police and Fire, the San Mateo County of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, The Cetner for Independence of Individuals with Disabilities, United Policyholders, and more!

To register, please call (650) 670-2206 with your name, phone number, and number of seats.