Our Social Justice Advocacy

Our Social Justice Advocacy

Catholic Charities supports public policy that strengthens local families and builds community. We focus on issues that support human dignity, equity, and justice in keeping with Catholic social teaching.

Our dedication to serving the most vulnerable populations propels us to seek solutions to our community’s most pressing challenges – homelessness, aging in isolation, generational poverty, the achievement gap, HIV/AIDS, inequality, and immigration. 

We invite you to explore the initiatives and public policy we support. Join us in making a difference.

We Champion Voter Access for Everyone

Voting is an essential right and privilege for American citizens, yet vulnerable individuals – including many of those served by Catholic Charities – often experience challenges registering to vote and casting their ballot.

We Take a Stand:
Our Advocacy Letters & Statements

Ensuring Everyone Is Counted: Census 2020

Thank you for participating with Catholic Charities in Census 2020 outreach efforts to help ensure that Bay Area vulnerable populations of all ages, races, and ethnicities were included in the count. The U.S. Census updates the country’s population every 10 years to ensure a fair democratic process through redistricting, which determines our representation in Congress, our number of votes in the Electoral College, and the redrawing of our state and local legislative district boundaries based on population data. 

census-everyone counted