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Community. Stewardship. Leadership.

UPDATED * Catholic Charities CYO Camp will resume normal operations on Monday, October 23rd.   While we were never in the evacuation zone, our number one priority is safety for our guests and staff.   The current air quality conditions have greatly improved and local schools are back in session as of Tuesday, October 17, 2017.  The past two weeks have been a difficult time for residents of Sonoma County.  Even though we were not able to serve schools during this time, we dedicated our facility and staff to supporting first responders by doing their laundry and housing fire crews at CYO Camp.  We are now safe to resume normal operations, and we ask you to please join us in continuing to pray for the fire fighters and all those impacted in the North Bay.**

Catholic Charities CYO Camp fosters the growth and development of youth through the formation of positive relationships with self, others, nature, and God. We embrace the values and traditions that have made it an exciting, educational, and memorable place for tens of thousands of youth since 1946. Programs are designed to give campers and all who visit the opportunity to develop self-confidence while making new friends and taking on new challenges as they progress from year to year.

Why Choose CYO Camp

CYO Camp is a Catholic community where children of all religious backgrounds feel comfortable participating in youth-centered programming – including our value based themes of community, stewardship, and friendship. These programs build upon the incredible legacy that has made CYO Camp unforgettable for campers and staff alike.