Black businesswoman reads resume of female candidate during job interview in office.

Catholic Charities San Francisco Mentorship Program

Become a mentor today!

We are seeking volunteer professionals who would like to serve as mentors for our staff.

Mentors ask good questions, listen, challenge their mentee’s thinking, clarify and support their short-term goals and longer-term aspirations, and encourage their development.

Pillars of mentoring include: trust, respect, expectation of support and communication.

Functions of a mentor: support the development of a professional self through acceptance and confirmation, provide problem-solving and serve as a sounding board, give respect and support,and provide role modeling. 

Mentoring skills: listening, empathy, and interest in the mentee and their work. It is important to reserve judgment, demonstrate positive body language, and be open and honest. A mentor avoids directives and is willing to share their own experience. Boundaries are fundamental to effective mentorship.  

Mentee Responsibility: To arrange meetings, set the agenda, and provide follow-up from meeting to meeting. 

Meeting Frequency and Duration of Mentorship: Meetings will be once or twice monthly for six months to one year. 

Please direct inquiries to edriskill@catholiccharitiessf.org

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