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Catholic Charities Helps a Honduran Family

This Honduran family fled their country due to violence in search of a better future. Carla Farías of Univision spoke with them and tells us about their experience. Dayana and her family are now happy to have a new home in San Francisco. “We came from our country, fleeing from crime.”

Dayana is a Honduran mother who, while pregnant, was forced to leave her country with her husband and their six-year-old daughter.

This Honduran family is marked by the violence they suffered in their country. They also have a deep pain that they will never be able to forget. The death of one of their daughters at age 18 months.

“If you don’t have money and if you’re low-income, the children die,” she explained. Dayana and her husband found out that their young baby girl had leukemia, and was essentially denied health care due to their financial status which cost their daughter her life.

However, two years after arriving in the city of San Francisco and experiencing homelessness for almost six months, Dayana and her husband, together with their two girls, eight and two years old, and the baby she is expecting, now have a roof over their heads. Dayana says this is thanks to Catholic Charities San Francisco, which offers resources for people who require housing assistance, food, immigration resources, or other types of support.

Catholic Charities San Francisco currently has a monthly capacity to serve ten families who are living on the streets and have spaces with approximately 35 beds. However, getting help often means being submitted to a waiting list, and the process can take a few months. “I’m very happy, really. Yes, already having my own place, well, it’s a great blessing from God.”

You can help Dayana and families like hers by donating at CatholicCharitiesSF.org/give