Ellen Hammerle CEO Catholic Charities
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Chief of Hope & Love

Dr. Ellen Hammerle CEO, sat down with Archdiocese of San Francisco to discuss her first year at the helm of Catholic Charities San Francisco.

The interview covered rebuilding after COVID-19, the resiliency of clients and staff, and the many essential programs we provide to vulnerable members of the community.

From opening innovative learning hubs and temporary shelters in San Francisco and Marin hotels during the pandemic to long-term women’s housing in Marin County, the interview covers a wide range of the essential programs and services we provide.

“CSF: What were the financial impacts of COVID-19, and is recovery in sight?

HAMMERLE: Everything in terms of participation and funding decreased during COVID. People were scared. I think we came out with a $3 million deficit in the end, but all along that journey there was this ballooning deficit. We were trying to figure out cuts across the board, cuts in staffing, programs that we’d have to close, decisions about pivoting by opening new programs, and whether to move staff to another program or lay them off. It was really intense. Things are turning around, and we are getting back to a balanced budget. Programs that had to close are reopening. Campers are camping again, kids are playing sports, and CCCYO buses are rolling.”

Read the entire interview at https://sfarchdiocese.org/chief-of-hope-love/.