2022 Advocacy Letters & Statements

SUPPORT CA AB 2166 To Boost Affordable Home Ownership in California

May 28, 2022 – AB2166

The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor, California

The Honorable Toni Atkins
President Pro Tem, California State Senate

The Honorable Scott D Wiener, Chair
State Senate Housing Committee

The Honorable Buffy Wicks, Chair
Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Dev.


Re: Support CA AB-2166 to Boost Affordable Home Ownership in California

Dear Governor Newsom and Senators Atkins, Wiener, and Skinner,

On behalf of the 4,200 Californians served by Catholic Charities in the San Francisco Bay Area through our homelessness and housing programs, I enthusiastically support CA AB-2166 (Mayes), which will boost federal funding for affordable home ownership among the state’s hard-working residents of low or moderate income.

CA AB-2166 increases federal funding for affordable home ownership housing through a block grant known as the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). All HOME funds must be used for affordable housing. The State of California currently allocates 10% of federal funds to home ownership programs. AB-2166 will increase the state funding allocation to 30% and direct at least 10% of home ownership funding for down payment assistance.

While Catholic Charities is solving family homelessness on a full continuum from homelessness prevention to emergency shelters and permanent subsidized housing, AB-2166 will further empower our families and millions of other Californians to own their home. Study after study shows that home ownership, particularly in California, is the best way for working people to attain economic security and develop intergenerational wealth through home equity gains.[i]

Catholic Charities urges your support of AB-2166 to afford all Californians the dignity of homeownership with its historical accrual of economic security that can pass from generation to generation.


Ted Borromeo,

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Catholic Charities

cc:  Assemblymember Matt Haney

Assemblymember Marc Levine

Assemblymember Chad Mayes

Assemblymember Kevin Mullin

Assemblymember Phil Ting

Senator Josh Becker

Senator Mike McGuire