Summer Programming

The Maureen & Craig Sullivan Youth Center is dedicated to fostering skill development, physical activity, and continued learning to complement students' academic experiences from the previous school year and to equip them for the challenges of the next grade. We achieve this through engaging lessons that encompass the arts, sciences, and literacy. Beyond the classroom, our program features weekly fieldtrips to various Bay Area attractions and lakes every Tuesday and Thursday. Additionally, we organize trips to the local farmers market, where students can gather fresh ingredients for cooking lessons skills.


Session 1: June 10th – June 28th

Session 2: July 1st – July 19th

Session 3: July 22nd – August 9th

Hours of Operation: 8 AM - 5PM

Dates Closed: June 19th, July 4th & 5th


Complete the application below and submit it to us in person or via email.

English Application.pdf


Each Session is $180.00 (3 weeks of programming)

Financial Aid & and Scholarships are available. Contact us to request the form.

Paystubs, SSI, CalWORKS, CalFRESH, Public Housing Authority, or Homeless verification letter.

Attendance is mandatory to maintain scholarship eligibility!