CCCYO Overnight Programs

Community. Stewardship. Leadership.

Overnight Programs

With programs rich in tradition, CYO Camp creates an enticing environment. Youth can explore the world around them, take time to reflect, open to spiritual growth, and develop powerful friendships that will last a lifetime.

Summer days are filled with a large variety of activities including swimming, hiking, archery, tie-dye, gaga ball, sports, canoeing, and small group community building called Soul Food. Each day campers attend some activities with their cabin mates while other activities are self-selected to fit their individual interests. Every camper will experience an off-site excursion to either the Sonoma Coast or a local nature reserve.


CYO Camp staff host exciting evening programs such as talent shows, campfires, dances, and sleeping under the stars. Every session has an outdoor chapel celebration, engaging cabin groups to reflect on Scripture, communicate important camp lessons, and participate in inclusive

Age appropriate Villages ensure that your child will have the opportunity to create a community with kids their own age, steeped in the Spirit of Love. Lower-age Villages takes a day-long trip to the Sonoma Coast once during the session. Our oldest group, Stepping Stone, takes a field trip to the Russian River. Each Village engages in a mix of physical activities (soccer, basketball, volleyball, hiking, camp games), environmental education (exploratory nature hikes, gardening, nature games such as predator prey), and traditional camp activities (gaga ball/safe dodge ball, archery, swimming, canoeing, and arts and crafts).

Freestone (Ages 8-10)

Named for a nearby town, Freestone is where the fun begins. When campers experience a week away from home, they grow exponentially. Under guidance from the dedicated and caring staff, campers learn to live in an inclusive faith community, where each camper’s uniqueness is valued.

Middle Earth (Ages 10-12)

Middle Earth is the place where campers explore their role as stewards of their community and our planet. Guided activities allow their interpersonal skills to flourish in this rich environment. Experiences foster a sense of wonder and a deeper connection to one another, to nature, and to the Divine.

Wildwood (Ages 12-14)

Team building activities, leadership development, and a community rich in tradition are all part of the unforgettable experience of Wildwood. Campers deepen their understanding of themselves, others, nature, and God in this dynamic environment.

Stepping Stone (Ages 15-17)

On the historic Miwok side of CYO Camp, teens reconnect with themselves as they unplug from modern technology and take a break from the fast pace of their everyday lives. The last “step” before taking on a more identified leadership role, Stepping Stone campers celebrate diversity while discovering their true selves, their connection to all living things, and their ability to delve deeper into the spiritual realm. This program is not available during Session 1.

Counselor in Training (Ages 16-17)

Participants in our CIT program gain invaluable leadership qualities and improve skills related to self-expression, peer relationships, role modeling, and accountability. Throughout each session CITs gain responsibility and experience a feeling of accomplishment while mentoring young campers. In addition to hands-on leadership training, CITs will receive up to 70 community service hours and certification in CPR. To apply to be a CIT at CYO Summer Camp please complete the application below.

2024 Counselor in Training Application