Huckleberry Day Camp

Community. Stewardship. Leadership.

Registration for Huckleberry Day Camp will open at 4PM on Friday March 1st. 

New families are encouraged to create an account for registration prior to March 1st. Families interested in applying for financial assistance are welcome to apply any time between now and June (application below).

Huckleberry Day Camp

This five-day program offers youth ages 6-11 in our local community the opportunity to take advantage of our beautiful 216 acre Occidental property.  Campers have opportunities to try new things, make life-long friends, trust in their peers, and build relationships with amazing counselors.  We are able to provide all of this through a diverse set of program activities, special theme days, and daily group reflections called “soul foods”.  Your child can have a chance to grow emotionally and physically in a supportive community of peers and adult leaders. CYO Camp is the only resident and day camp program in West Sonoma County that is accredited by the American Camp Association.

Our Camp Philosophy

At CYO Camp, we focus more on growth and learning than just doing activitiesWe teach social intelligence, self-control, gratitude, grit, curiosity, optimism and zestBeing a part of a camp group with lots of new faces builds social intelligence, gives campers a greater ability to find solutions in conflicts with othersTrying new activities grows curiosity, teaches kids how to ask questions and helps them be even more eager to explore new things. 

CYO Camp offers an unequaled variety of opportunities to develop well-rounded youth. At camp, we encourage “dabbling” rather than expertise. Throughout the day, our campers learn about, explore, and participate in the widest variety of activities, expanding their horizons and cultivating a desire to try new things. 

We focus on preparing children for future success. Companies like Google, Apple, and Disney have identified the skills they’re looking for in the 21st century: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. At CCCYO Camp, our staff teaches these things at every activity. While your child is having fun, they’ll be gaining an advantage for life! 

Camp leads the way in using the best methods to help children learn and grow. Kids learn best by doing, and CCCYO Camp helps our campers grow by involving them in high-interest activities and practicing new skills through hands-on discovery in small groups. 


Huckleberry Day Camp offers seven weeks of programOur affordable tuition includes all activities.  

Weekly Activities: Swimming, Canoeing, Hiking, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Environmental Education, Gaga Ball, Basketball, Sports, and Tie-Dye 

Other themed activities that vary from week to week include: Team Building Course, Garden, Zumba, Talent Show, Capture the Flag, Guided Meditations, and Dance. 

Huckleberry Helper Program

The Huckleberry Helper Program is designed for youth ages 12-17 interested in working with younger children in a leadership role. Participants in this program will act as counselors in training for Huckleberry Day Camp and will gain valuable leadership experience in childcare. Throughout each week, Huckleberry Helpers will develop skills related to self-expression, peer relationships, role modeling, and accountability. In addition to hands-on leadership training, Huckleberry Helpers will receive up to 35 community service hours. All interested individuals must complete a Huckleberry Helper application here and be accepted into the program prior to enrollment.

Huckleberry Day Camp is Hiring!

New families are encouraged to create an account for registration prior to March 1st. Families interested in applying for financial assistance are welcome to apply anytime between now and June (application below).

Huckleberry Day Camp 2024 Dates 

Week 1 – June 17th – June 21st 

Week 2 – June 24th – June 28th 

Week 3 – July 1st – July 3rd (prorated to $200) 

Week 4 – July 8th – July 12th 

Week 5 – July 15th – July 19th 

Week 6 – July 22nd – July 26th 

Week 7 – July 29th – Aug 2nd 


Daily Drop Off:  9:00 am 

Daily Pick Up:   4:00 pm 


5-Day Huckleberry Day Camp 2024 Fee: $330 

5-Day Huckleberry Helper 2023 Fee: $165  

Families are welcome to apply for Financial Aid using the application below. 

Need additional InformationPlease email us or call 707 874 0200.