October 22, 2014

Adult Day Services San Mateo

Agnes lived independently well into her eighties, but the economic downturn forced her to move in with her son, Mark, and his family. While she enjoyed the time with her son and two young grandchildren, she knew that in order for her son to work and support the family, they needed to find a place for her to stay and receive care during the day.

Agnes joined the Catholic Charities Adult Day Services San Mateo family in 2010 and quickly became a fixture of the program, charming staff and fellow residents alike. She drew great joy from the rosary group and pet therapy – her favorite service animal was a Burmese Mountain Dog, the breed she had always wanted to own.

Agnes passed away in December 2013 at the age of 95 after nearly four very full years with Catholic Charities. The staff and residents held a memorial service in her honor that included the residents saying a few words, a slideshow, and the rosary she had so enjoyed during her time there. Mark said that the memorial service was even more meaningful to them than her funeral. Catholic Charities San Carlos Adult Day Services San Mateo had been a true home away from home for Agnes and her family was so touched to witness the outpouring of support from a community that meant so much to her.