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CEO Dr. Ellen Hammerle on What Inspires Her

Dr. Ellen Hammerle, CEO of Catholic Charities San Francisco, shares what inspires her to serve the community daily in this short video.

She says, “It’s an honor and a pleasure to be the CEO of Catholic Charities after giving and living so much of my life in service…I’ve always been inspired by the work of Catholic Charities by all the staff…they are dedicated, their hearts are in the right place filled with love and support to change lives. I do want to continue building bridges of understanding with our community both outside of this organization and inside. We are in the process of recovering from the pandemic. That requires a lot of healing for our communities so we can grieve properly the losses that we’ve experienced but also treasure our lives as we move forward…If anyone is interested in volunteering with any of our programs, please let us know. We’re very open to receive you and you can give back to our wonderful communities in this way.”

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