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Scouts and Preschoolers Splash Their Way into Science

by Catholic Charities – October 27, 2021

Water splashes, levers swing, and giggles erupt as 13 thrilled preschoolers explore a brand-new water maze in their playground at Catholic Charities Treasure Island Child Development Center (TICDC). With the help of his fellow Scouts, seventeen-year-old aspiring Eagle Scout, Mario, spent one weekend building this maze in fulfillment of his Eagle Scout Service Project requirement. Leadership and community are important tenets of the revered Eagle Scout rank, and through his work with TICDC, Mario demonstrated exactly that.

Mario was inspired to collaborate with TICDC Program Director, Kathie Autumn, because of his interest in early childhood education and his commitment to community service. Following Kathie’s maze design, Mario oversaw the project’s construction, and several other Scouts joined to help build it. The design encourages early childhood education in science. “I believe the kids of the future need to know basic science and math,” Mario says, “and also how to help better the world for the future.” His example has made a lasting impression on the youngsters, who now get to dip their hands and toes into the world of physics through water play every day.

Kathie Autumn places a strong emphasis on social-emotional learning for children in the program, whose ages range from three months to kindergarten age. “To have youth mentoring younger ones in a playful and educational setting is a fantastic model for all-around healthy growth,” she says.

Following Mario’s lead and work with TICDC, another aspiring Eagle Scout is planning to collaborate with TICDC for his Eagle Scout Service Project as well. Thank you, Mario and Scouts, for your commitment and dedication to our communities! Here’s to the start of a wonderful partnership.