Why Choose CYO Camp?


CYO Camp, situated among 216 acres of coastal redwood trees, is an awe-inspiring place that enables campers to experience a positive, meaningful and challenging summer adventure. Located sixty miles north of San Francisco near the historic town of Occidental, CYO Camp has been providing summer camp to youth of the Bay area for over sixty years.

CYO Camp embraces the values and traditions that have made it an exciting, educational, and memorable place for tens of thousands of youth since 1946. Programs are designed to give campers the opportunity to develop self-confidence while making new friends and taking on new challenges as they progress from year to year.

CYO Camp is a Catholic community where children of all religious backgrounds feel comfortable participating in youth-centered programming – including our value based themes of community, stewardship, and friendship. These programs build upon the incredible legacy that has made CYO Camp unforgettable for campers and staff alike.

CYO Summer Camp aims to:

CYO Camp Alumni

CYO Camp Alumni seeks to re-kindle the spirit of camp among every generation of alumni by:

• Reconnecting alumni with our contemporaries and share what is going on at CYO Camp today
• Being of service; giving back to a place that gave us so much
• Ensuring the viability and sustaining our beloved Camp for generations to come

We are seeking interested alumni from all generations, from Camp’s opening in 1946 through the present day. If you have ever worked at CYO Camp, please join us!

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