We’ve been standing with and helping unaccompanied minors in the Bay Area for decades.

Many of the more than 2,300 children wrenched from their parents at the US-Mexico border these past several weeks will undoubtedly join thousands of vulnerable immigrant children already here. Guided by hope, they have come to our country to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, violence, and war.

Each day, Catholic Charities provides high quality immigration legal and social services to unaccompanied minors from a range of countries, faiths, and backgrounds. With the influx of children separated from their parents, the number of asylum seekers we serve will surely increase. These kids need our help – in our community.

Here are three actions you can take to help unaccompanied minors who are already in our community or will be arriving soon:

1. Donate below to help us support our unaccompanied minors with legal and social services, case management, access to counseling to deal with their grief, fear, loneliness, and dislocation, and activities that enhance their growth and integration into our community.

2. Volunteer by sharing your time, talent, and compassion with unaccompanied minors who are learning English, need help with school and college applications, and yearn for a mentor and/or friend as they navigate a foreign country and culture.

3. Advocate and share this message with your network.

We must use our strength, voices, and resources to help these resilient children thrive. We have set a goal of raising $20,000 to continue helping unaccompanied minors in our community today – and those that will join us tomorrow.

Together, we can change lives. Thank you.