Catholic Charities Youth Club at St. Francis of Assisi

Located in East Palo Alto, Youth Club at St. Francis of Assisi helps youth grow into responsible adults by providing athletic and educational activities that foster character development, academic achievement, physical fitness, and community and environmental stewardship.

Our vision is for youth in our community to have a safe, supportive environment that will build their successes today, enhance their skills and experiences, grow their aspirations for tomorrow, and nurture a bright future filled with promise and achievement.

The guiding pillars of our program are:

•    Education — a commitment to academic success
•    Community — building relationships that support families
•    Respect & Accountability — instilling self-respect, accountability, compassion, love and empathy
•    Determination — inspiring resilience, patience and achievement
•    Creativity — fostering genuine curiosity and innovative problem solving

Our motto, “Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders”, is embodied by our goal to lead by example. We hope that each participant will carry the pillars of our program far beyond the walls of our classrooms.

Contact: Mar Y Sol Alvarado, Program Director, 650.319.5211 or

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