OMI Senior Center

Located in the Oceanview/Merced/Ingleside area of San Francisco, OMI Senior Center provides a friendly and welcoming environment offering daily activities for seniors and disabled adults. This multi-purpose community center provides participants with a hot nutritious lunch, computers with Internet access, translation services, and social programs such as arts and crafts, singing, exercising, dancing, educational seminars and day trips.

We also offer on-site case management services from qualified staff who create a personal plan of care for each senior, connecting them to appropriate community services and resources, including:

• Home care
• Meal delivery
• Adult day programs
• Environmental safety checks
• Patient advocacy
• Mental health counseling
• Psychological, emotional and spiritual support

Our Nutrition & Food Distribution Programs collaborates with 30th Street’s Nutrition Program and the San Francisco Food Bank.

Contact: 415.334.5550

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