October 22, 2014

Maureen & Craig Sullivan Youth Services

Adelia came to Catholic Charities Maureen & Craig Sullivan Youth Services when she was living in Mercy Housing at 10th and Mission. She arrived with her family, including three children (ages nine, six, and three years old), who were enrolled in Catholic school. She and the children’s father decided to separate which meant that Adelia and the children were relocated through the San Francisco Housing Authority. Around the same time, the father had some immigration issues which created more complication for the family. After the housing relocation, Catholic Charities Maureen & Craig Sullivan Youth Services kept the two older girls enrolled in school on a scholarship and helped place the youngest boy in Head Start to offer them stability and support. When they first joined the program, Adelia had been using corporal punishment, which led to some calls to protective services. As weeks passed, however, both Adelia and the father, who has stayed involved in the children’s lives, were able to refocus with help from the program staff. Now the kids are better adjusted, sociable and doing well in school. With support from the program staff, both parents have been able to consistently demonstrate their desire to do better, overcome their upbringing and cultural expectations, and continually strive to improve their parenting style to raise healthy, thriving kids.