October 29, 2015

Dr. Ellen Hammerle Speaks at 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions

Dr. Ellen Hammerle, Division Director of Catholic Charities Health Support Services, presented a paper and led a meditation practice entitled “Reclaiming the Heart of our Humanity” at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions. The inspiring program took place in Salt Lake City, Utah and included speakers from around the world and from a diverse array of religious and spiritual practices. Also included were music, poetry, dance, prayer, contemplative practice and meditation, all of which enriched and ignited participants.

“I was inspired to continue my service at Catholic Charities. Our capacity to be bridge builders within our communities, countries and societies affirmed my dedication to service by cultivating my heart of awareness and compassion. We were reminded to love the truth of our spirit in service to humanity. Together we need to build a world of peace, love and justice. I was moved by my participation as a bridge builder in service to value our work at Catholic Charities abiding in our Mission of strengthening families and reducing poverty,” said Ellen. “In social services we offer the practice of reclaiming the heart of humanity and we share that grace with all of those we serve and work with every day. May each of us strive to stabilize our hearts to reclaim the depth of our humanity so that we may create a better world for all.”