Special Events

The Catholic Charities CYO Retreat Center hosts weekend events based on a minimum contract for rental of the facility.  This minimum contract covers use of the entire facility from Friday through Sunday for up to 100 people, even if you choose not to utilize the facility for the entire weekend.  This minimum contract also covers cabin lodging and brunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

For each additional attendee over the contracted 100, there will be a per person cost for the entire weekend and/or a per person cost for brunch.  Our kitchen catering staff can help you plan your meals or you may use an outside caterer.  If the CYO Retreat Center provides meals, any cost for food and staff will be added to the contracted minimum.  This amount will be determined by total number of attendee and on selections and services provided by our kitchen catering staff.

Kitchen Services

Our kitchen catering staff prepares all meals on site, which are served family or buffet style, with a variety of selections including a full salad bar, soups, freshly baked breads, and vegetarian options.  Coffee and tea service is available during regular kitchen hours.