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December 4, 2017

Speak Out to Protect DREAMERS

Right now, your members of Congress need to hear from you that you care about DREAMers.  Call on your members of Congress today urging passage of the DREAM Act quickly so as not to uproot the lives of so many young people who’ve made enormous contributions to our communities and our economy. It is not Catholic, Christian, or of any faith to…

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November 15, 2017

Rising Number of Homeless Newborns, Pregnant Women Struggling in San Francisco

FROM NBC BAY AREA An NBC Bay Area investigation reveals a dramatic increase in the number of homeless pregnant women and newborns struggling to make ends meet in high-priced San Francisco, where the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment now totals $3,390 per month. “Women tend to languish without stable housing for most of their pregnancy,”…

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October 27, 2017

Band Together Bay Area

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October 23, 2017

Aging With Dignity

The senior, adult with disabilities, and family caregiver population we serve is growing, and so is the community’s demand for our services. Over the next 15 years, baby boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of about 8,000–10,000 a day. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 678,000 individuals in California are living with Alzheimer’s disease, requiring constant care…

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October 23, 2017

North Bay Fire Update

UPDATED FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27 AT 9:30 P.M. Tickets for the Band Together Bay Area concert go on sale Friday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m. All proceeds benefit North Bay Fire Relief. Find tickets at   UPDATED MONDAY, OCTOBER 23 AT 4:07 P.M. All Catholic Charities programs are open. The…

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September 6, 2017

Catholic Charities Opposes Decision to End DACA

Catholic Charities opposes the Trump Administration’s decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy. We see this action as a disregard for the well-being of families and children. We see it as yet another unnecessary action causing hate and division. It is not Catholic, Christian, or of any faith to turn your back on His children. …

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August 25, 2017

Former client of Catholic Charities hired as CEO

By Destiny Arroyo From the August 24 issue of El Tecolote Jilma Meneses was only five when she left her homeland for the United States, but she still remembers the words her grandmother told her before she left. “‘You’re coming to the United States for two reasons: to reunite with your mother and to get an…

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August 16, 2017

Standing Together Against Hatred and Bigotry

Racism and violence have been a dangerous reality for too long, not just in Charlottesville, but across the nation and in our local communities. Hatred and bigotry are contrary to our values. Catholic Charities believes every person is worthy of dignity, love, and respect. Silence compounds the problem. We have to call out racism, violence, hate, and terrorism to protect…

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July 25, 2017

Changing Lives July 2017

The summer slide is real, and significantly impacts low-income students, which is why we are working hard to keep low-income kids reading during the summer. Also, a message from our new Chief Executive Officer, volunteer opportunities, and more! Read the July issue now.

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July 24, 2017

Catholic Charities Youth Club at St. Francis of Assisi Program Tour

The St. Francis of Assisi Advisory Group Youth Club, in partnership with Catholic Charities, works with low income children in East Palo Alto. The club supports their academic growth by providing daily, year-round academic enrichment for students from third- through fifth-grades. Here, Isabella Jordan, a student at Sacred Heart High School, works with a fifth-grader on her composition for the…

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